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How Is Starch Produced? And How Does Modern Starch Processing Equipment Work?

How Is Starch Produced? And How Does Modern Starch Processing Equipment Work?

Starch from potatoes is widely used, and the history of cassava starch processing is also quite long. However, many consumers do not know the processing principles and technological processes of potato starch. Today, we will give you a detailed understanding.

1. Analysis of the principle of cassava starch processing

Potato starch is relatively common, and the process from potato to starch is a complex process. However, this process is not a chemical process, but a physical separation process. The production of potato starch is to separate starch from other substances such as protein and fiber in potatoes. Then, according to the characteristics of the starch, which is insoluble in cold water and has a higher density than water, the starch is separated from the starch milk using a precipitating tank or a cyclone separator to obtain the starch. The cyclone separator, as a professional cassava starch processing equipment, has been tested by the market and has a very good separation effect.

2. Modern cassava starch processing process

1) Multi-stage cleaning for cleaner raw materials.

2) Secondary sorting and crushing for high crushing rate and fully liberated starch.

3) Coarse filtering + fine filtering + micro filtering to remove impurities.

4) Segmented sand and mud removal to ensure quality.

5) Special cyclone structure for concentrating and refining starch, and improving starch accuracy.

6) Vacuum washing, filtering, and dehydration to make the material fluffy and low in moisture content.

7) Low-temperature, high-airflow drying for good drying effect and effective prevention of starch gelatinization.

3. Corresponding equipment for cassava starch processing

Multi-stage cleaning (spiral conveyor dry washing machine, stone removal cleaning machine, slanting rat cage cleaning machine, scrubbing washing machine, quantitative conveyor cleaning machine) - grinding and filtering (curve mesh extrusion mill) - filtering (centrifugal screen, fine filter) - mud and sand removal (mud remover, sand remover) - precipitate refining (cyclone station) - dehydration (vacuum washing, filtering, and dehydration machine) - drying (airflow dryer).

Although the processing principle of potato starch is relatively simple, only by choosing good cassava starch processing equipment and strictly controlling each process can high-quality starch be produced.

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