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Tips for Opening a Starch Factory

Tips for Opening a Starch Factory

The establishment of an agricultural product factory is a project that will examine the comprehensive strength. The sale and purchase of land, leasing, plant construction, employment and labor, and cost control require detailed planning and layout.

In addition to the equipment of early hardware strength: basic land, capital, equipment, and the following things are also very important.

1. Raw material resources for cassava starch processing

The main requirement for tapioca starch processing and production is to have sufficient and abundant raw material resources. The site of the cassava starch processing plant needs to be far away from the gathering areas of urban residents, and it should be built in an open and empty highland.

At the same time, it is necessary to determine whether there is a raw material supply area in the surrounding area, whether it is to build its own potato planting base, or to purchase a large number of farmers' potato stocks, whether it can meet the expected input and output of the tapioca starch processing plant, and ensure the rational and effective use of cassava starch processing equipment. There are also issues such as transportation costs and rate of spoiled raw material that need to be considered.

2. Water resources of cassava starch processing

In the process of cassava starch processing and production, especially the cleaning and separation of raw materials require a lot of water (the water in some links can be reused).

This is also a problem that must be considered when selecting a site for a cassava starch processing plant. There must be a complete waterway and circuit supply nearby to ensure the daily normal operation of the tapioca starch processing plant.

3. Power supply of cassava starch processing equipment

The power supply problem of starch equipment should be considered due to the need to control production costs. Most of the tapioca starch processing equipment needs to be driven by a motor and an electric pump, which can ensure sufficient power supply.

However, in addition to electricity, there are other energy supply methods, such as diesel, natural gas, biomass, etc. The input cost and maintenance cost of these energy supply methods are high and low, so users also need to choose their own way of energy supply according to the policy of the city, the scale of the starch plant and the price of energy.

4. Civil engineering equipment for cassava starch processing

Civil facilities mainly refer to processing workshops, workshops, etc. This item needs to be planned and designed in advance in combination with the area of the production workshop, the scale of cassava starch processing, and the configuration of starch processing equipment.

According to the analysis of Goodway's years of experience in designing factories for customers, experienced equipment factories will provide such design services for plant planning, production line layout, equipment layout, and installation and wiring for free.

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