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How to Produce Good Sweet Potato Starch with Sweet Potato Starch Making Machine

How to Produce Good Sweet Potato Starch with Sweet Potato Starch Making Machine

Sweet potato starch making machine completes the whole process of production from cleaning of sweet potato to drying of sweet potato starch. Starch making machine manufacturer is an ideal equipment having the construction of a regular industrial sweet potato starch processing factory because of its exquisite materials, reasonable configuration, long service life and high-grade refined sweet potato starch.

Sweet potato starch processing has a long history in China, which uses the fresh potatoes and dry potato chips as raw materials to process. The traditional processing methods are mainly cleaning, crushing, separating, then precipitating, flouring and drying. The whole production process has a long cycle. Generally, for the first cycle (before completing the first precipitation), it takes 8-12 hours, then processing the second and third precipitation, and some of them also need to be done by acid slurry process. It takes 2-3 days for the whole process to be processed. At the same time, the starch quality is not guaranteed and can not meet the new market demand. From the whole sweet potato starch processing market in China, the vast majority of the products are simple and small-scale processing. The low-level products are relatively surplus, while the demand for high-quality sweet potato starch is strong. Traditional small and medium-sized sweet potato starch making machine urgently needs upgrading.

At present, because of the concentrated harvest season, short processing time and large volume of sweet potatoes, sweet potato is not suitable for long-distance transportation, and the planting areas are mostly in hilly and mountainous areas, and transportation is inconvenient, so it is still necessary to focus on small and medium-sized processing, and investment should not be too large, which can use decentralized processing or centralized refining method. In order to improve the quality of starch, the starch refining system and vacuum filter can be introduced. The starch refining system (swirl station) can replace sedimentation tank and acid slurry method. The vacuum filter can dehydrate the refined starch slurry directly so as to improve the efficiency of starch processing and complete the whole process in a few minutes. Goodway starch making machine can not only greatly improve the quality of starch, but also improve the efficiency, which can complete a larger amount of processing in a shorter time.

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