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Starch Drying Process

Starch Drying Process

Principle of airflow drying

Airflow drying is also called "instant drying". It uses a high-speed hot air stream to suspend muddy, granulated materials and dry them during air transport. Due to the high gas flow rate, the material particles are suspended in the gas stream, the heat transfer surface between the gas and solid is extremely large, the heat transfer coefficient is high, and the drying time is short (the drying of most materials takes only a few seconds). Therefore, it is especially suitable for the drying of heat sensitive materials.

During the drying process, the clean cold air is heated by the air heater and mixed with the wet starch sent from the feeder to the air duct through the lifter, and is instantly dried. The dried starch is discharged through a cyclone and a shut-off device, and the exhaust gas is discharged into the atmosphere through a fan.

When the self-control operation is adopted, the temperature of the exhaust gas is automatically measured by the moisture control, and the signal is fed back to the speed regulating motor of the front feeder to control the feed amount. Ensure that the product's water intake meets the requirements.

Airflow drying characteristics

The combination of positive and negative pressure, the positive pressure or negative pressure in the tube is less than the atmospheric pressure, and it is easy to be dense. The system leaks less powder and the negative pressure drys out the finished product. The working environment is clean, the loss of flying is less, and the heat efficiency is high.

Airflow drying

It is suitable for dry corn, sweet potato starch, cassava and potato starch, protein powder and the like. It is also suitable for drying fishmeal, feed powder, and various powders such as hospitals and chemicals. It is especially suitable for drying heat sensitive materials such as glucose and sugar. The dried starch is shiny, white, and has no defects such as gelatinization and pollution.

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