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How to Get Rid of the Influence of Weather in Cassava Starch Processing?

How to Get Rid of the Influence of Weather in Cassava Starch Processing?

People in the past "watch the sky and eat", especially those who grow crops. Sunny, frost, rain and snow are all related to one year's livelihood, and traditional cassava starch processing and production also face these problems.

1. Modern cassava starch processing equipment can get rid of the influence of weather

The artificial starch needs to be dried in the sun. If it encounters continuous rainy weather, it will affect this link, causing the starch to have too high water content, which is prone to mildew and bacteria, and it is difficult to store it for a long time. In addition, manual drying is only suitable for small-scale processing households, otherwise the drying will not be enough and the loss will not be small. As a result, the quality and yield of starch fluctuate greatly and cannot be guaranteed at all.

Of course, with the widespread application of modern technology, even ordinary farmers and small tapioca starch processing will use machinery and equipment to liberate labor and get rid of the disadvantages of being restricted by the weather.

2. Selection of different cassava starch processing equipment

The first few steps of cassava starch processing, such as crushing and filtering, are not greatly affected by the weather, and can be operated in cloudy days. Only in the last link, choose to build a drying room for dehydration and drying of starch. However, there are still shortcomings such as low drying efficiency, long time-consuming, and difficult to control starch quality.

For users who want to devote themselves to cassava starch processing, it is a more cost-effective choice to use automated machinery and equipment for processing as much as possible, and starch processing will not be disturbed by weather and environment at all.

The equipment is also divided into fully automatic and semi-automatic, with high and low prices. Small users can choose a key tapioca starch machine to complete the processing, or allocate a small tapioca starch production line according to the budget. It can improve the efficiency of tapioca starch processing and also meet the needs of starch processing.

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