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Restricting Factors of Potato Processing Industry

Restricting Factors of Potato Processing Industry

1. The enterprise scale is small, the processing technology capability is weak, the starch processing equipment is backward, so the productivity cannot be improved.

2. The processing concept is backward and the product structure is relatively single. The purpose of most of the potato processing enterprises in China is starch extraction. However, in other fields of intensive processing of potato, the processing proportion of modified starch and functional food is very small. Valuable components of protein, fiber, organic matter, pectin have not been effectively developed.

3. Enterprise positioning is low with low level of internationalization and low international market share. Most of the processing technologies used in the intensive processing of starch in China are of low automation level, which cannot be in line with the development trend of international starch processing industry.

4. Weak environmental protection awareness and lack of overall awareness. China's starch processing enterprises pay attention to starch yield. They do not have environmental protection projects generally. At present, China pays close attention to the production environmental protection. So, many production enterprises that fail to meet the environmental protection requirements are required to be integrated and improved. This is undoubtedly a test for starch processing industry. In the future, it is noted that water resources utilization, potato residue utilization, sewage treatment, cleaner production and other treatment projects should also be established.

As a big potato planting country, China should change the processing mode, improve the processing conversion rate, promote the utilization rate of automatic processing equipment, and improve the comprehensive utilization rate of resources. We should realize green environmental protection and healthy production. Transform from "the planting giant" to "the processing giant" as early as possible.

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