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What Equipment is Needed to Produce and Process Sweet Potato Starch?

What Equipment is Needed to Produce and Process Sweet Potato Starch?

For sweet potato and potato starch production process plants, it is critical to think about the sales of starch in advance. The products of the large potato starch factory are used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The product requires high precision, generally more than 1 million yuan. For edible starch and sweet potato starch production process equipment, the requirements for sweet potato starch should reach the point of whiteness and innocence. Investment needs to control a reasonable position, especially for sweet potato starch, which is mainly based on food (more than 75% is used for powder processing). There are now more small workshops in the main market. The processing and production costs are not high, the market price is not high, and the sweet potato can not withstand long-term storage, and the processing season is concentrated. If the equipment configuration is too high, the processing cost will be too high. The mechanical offer of sweet potato starch production and processing equipment has caused a lot of profits to fall, even huge losses.

The sweet potato starch factory is at a low level of mechanization. Sweet potato starch production process equipment factories and factories using mechanized equipment production lines have great advantages in small workshops in terms of cost, quality and brand. The existing capacity utilization is more adequate and maintained at over 90%. With the development and promotion of the latest sweet potato starch processing line machinery, the technological progress of the sweet potato industry has been continuously upgraded, and the processing technology has been upgraded to modern production technology. With the improvement of the process, the production output of sweet potato starch processing equipment has increased from the previous 100 tons to 200 tons of sweet potato starch per day. There has been a big improvement in processing quality and processing level.

GOODWAY sweet potato starch production line includes a complete set of mechanical equipment from raw material rushing to washing, then sweet potato honing, sweet potato pulp centrifugal extraction, swirling concentration, sweet potato starch vacuum dehydration, airflow drying, sweet potato starch packaging. A professional technical engineer will design the layout of the sweet potato starch processing plant area and the layout of the sweet potato starch production workshop to ensure that you can create a flawless sweet potato sweet potato starch processing plant.

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