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What Is The Advantage Of Perfect Technological Design To Sweet Potato Starch Machine?

What Is The Advantage Of Perfect Technological Design To Sweet Potato Starch Machine?

With perfect technological design, the working effect of sweet potato starch machine can be doubled with half the effort.Not only the quality of raw grain, the performance of equipment and the operation mode can affect the quality of starch products, but also the processing technology, which is one of the main factors affecting the quality of starch products. In the production of starch products, a well-designed process can make the processing work more efficient.

So how to choose the right processing technology? What conditions does a perfect process need to meet?

1. Raw grain can be fully used and product quality can be improved. The processing efficiency of sweet potato starch machine can be fully played.Power consumption and production cost can be both reduced.When pneumatically transporting materials,the comprehensive utilization of air flow should be considered, then the air flow can complete part of the process requirements of dust removal, impurity removal, classification and cooling while conveying materials, so as to achieve multi-purpose of one air flow.

2. With the principle of combining homogeneous product, reducing circuit and avoiding vicious cycle,  the  technological flow needs to be simplified as much as possible to make each process work in the most efficient way, while product quality must be ensured.

3. During the production, the stability of machine should be ensured ,and the possible temporary failures should be fully considered so as not to affect the production of the whole factory. According to the requirements of raw grain quality and finished products,mature technology, experience and equipment should be actively adopted to make the production process continuous and mechanized.

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