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What is the Structure of Starch Processing Machine?

What is the Structure of Starch Processing Machine?

Starch processing machine completes three processes of crushing, fine grinding and slurry separation at one time. No manual production leads to starch color deterioration and darkening. Starch residue is filamentous under the microscope, which is conducive to the separation of starch from the fiber and effectively improves the starch flour yield. It covers a small area, employs fewer people, has a low labor intensity, and has a high degree of automation. It is a one-stop production from excavation, potato washing to drying and has low energy consumption, water saving, electricity saving and processing costs. Because the potato starch granules are large while the sweet potato starch granules are small, it is easy to reduce the flour yield and increase the number of equipment failures when using the existing equipment to process the sweet potato starch. Starch processing machine is Goodway's technological advantage, which not only ensures the high quality of starch and mechanized production, but also makes equipment investment relatively small, achieving the best performance-price ratio.

Purple potato contains not only starch, protein and fat, but also abundant vitamin A, vitamin B2, carotene, anthocyanin and other nutrients. It is worth mentioning that purple potato is rich in selenium and has strong antioxidant effect. It can be used as an adjunct treatment for cardiovascular diseases. The eutrophic part of yam is its mucus. Protein can reduce blood cholesterol, prevent lipid deposition in cardiovascular system, and help prevent atherosclerosis. According to the feeding speed, the discharging speed can be automatically controlled, the cleaning cleanliness can be raised again, and the cleaning belt can be automatically fed with one machine for both purposes to liberate manpower.

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