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What Are the Reasons for Impure Starch? How to Operate Starch Processing Equipment to Improve Starch Purity?

What Are the Reasons for Impure Starch? How to Operate Starch Processing Equipment to Improve Starch Purity?

We often mention whether the quality of starch is good or not, the key lies in the purity and fineness of the starch. As long as the crushing technology is passed, the crushing is thorough and enough starch granules can be washed out, it can basically be done. But how to ensure the purity of starch? Is it enough to just wash the potatoes before processing?

1. The principle of potato starch production and processing

First of all, we need to know that the principle of potato starch production process is to fully release the starch material inside the potato tuber through the use of professional crushing and filtering means, and extract it to obtain a fine white powdery substance.

But the inside of potatoes is not only starch, but also contains many other substances, such as protein, crude fiber and so on. In the process of potato starch production, dust, yellow powder, oil powder and other substances are also produced, which causes the color of the starch to be unclean and the taste is not good.

At this time, only the high-end professional potato starch machine can separate these things from the starch granules and filter them out in time, and then get the final finished dry starch.

2. What causes the impurity of potato starch in the potato starch production process? How to solve it?

(1) Well clean the raw materials with four methods

Potatoes that have just been unearthed and harvested have more soil attached to them and are more viscous. Relying on simple soaking and hand washing, the cleaning strength and degree are not enough. The professional cleaning section can provide 4 kinds of cleaning technologies, which use friction dry cleaning, soaking and showering, rubbing and elutriation, and lifting and washing methods to remove the deep sand on the surface, dead corners, and buds from various angles.

(2) Install enough starch filtering equipment to ensure the filtering effect

The filtration of starch is mainly done by the filter in the equipment. Most of the filter screens are around 60 meshes, and many fine residues, fibers, and silt micro-gravels will leak together, resulting in more impurities in the starch slurry. Improve the fineness of the screen, such as using a 120-140 mesh screen for the first filtration and a 160-260 mesh screen for the second filtration, which can effectively improve the purity of starch.

(3) Operate potato starch processing equipment safely and reasonably, start with the details to prevent dust from polluting the starch

① The installation distance of potato starch machines in different sections should be enough to avoid splashing potato dregs from falling into the subsequent processing.

② The used potato starch machine processing equipment should clean up the remaining potato residue and starch slurry in time to avoid pollution.

③ The screen of the purification filter equipment should be inspected in time, and if damaged, it should be replaced in time.

④ In the sedimentation tank process, attention should be paid to the thorough cleaning of the upper layer of butter powder, otherwise it will easily contaminate the next batch of starch slurry.

⑤ When outdoor drying is used, special attention should be paid to the environment of the drying field, and measures for sheltering from rain and snow and dustproof measures should be taken.

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