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Starch processing the first step, potato cleaning feeding machine advantages and characteristics analysis

Starch processing the first step, potato cleaning feeding machine advantages and characteristics analysis

1. Raw material cleaning for tapioca starch processing

The processing of tapioca starch requires the cleaning of raw materials. The commonly used cleaning equipment is generally a drum cleaning machine, and then the cleaned raw materials are transported to a crusher for crushing and extraction of starch substances.

2. Secondary cleaning of cassava starch processing raw materials

After the initial cleaning, especially for large-scale tapioca starch processing, due to the large amount of raw materials and the accompanying soil, the raw materials still carry a part of dirty water when they are output from the drum cleaning machine. times cleaning.

The existing cleaning conveyor adopts roller conveying. Since the raw materials need to be lifted to a certain height, it is not conducive to the secondary cleaning of the raw materials, and it is not conducive to the discharge of dirty water after cleaning. It will also cause a certain waste of water resources and increase the use of water.

Therefore, a production line formed by a tandem potato cleaning machine is required to complete washing, feeding, and transportation at one time, and to ensure the cleaning effect. GoodWe has four or five processes in the cleaning process, using a variety of cleaning methods to fully remove the soil and debris from the raw materials.

According to Goodway's complete cassava starch processing and cleaning sequence, it is necessary to dry-clean and remove soil, weed and impurities, remove stone and lift, shower and soak, and convey and lift. There are multiple cleaning machines to complete the cleaning of raw materials, and the connection of conveyor belts, responsible for the transportation and improvement of raw materials in each link, and the cleaning water in some sections can be recycled and reused, which greatly saves the cleaning water rate.

Our company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cassava and potato processing machinery, focusing on providing system solutions in the field of tapioca starch, potato starch, sweet potato starch, tapioca and yam powder, Garri/ Gari, Fufu Flour, cassava chips processing since 1991 worldwide for years.

At present, most of our management personnel are technical and marketing experts, including more than 100 mechanical engineers, who are major in mechanical equipment and have many years of experience in mechanical equipment manufacturing and research and development. Up to now, Goodway has obtained 35 national patents in the field of cassava and potato processing machinery. At the same time, we have been cooperating with many high-tech partners and institutes and many professional universities.

In order to provide high-quality products and services, Goodway adopts advanced mechanical production lines and internal management systems, takes international standards as its development goals, and has passed ISO9001:2015 quality system certification to ensure that all products delivered are 100% qualified. The finished product is inspected. If necessary, welcome to consult.

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