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How to Effectively Extract Pea Starch

How to Effectively Extract Pea Starch

From April to May each year, the green peas are freshly marketed, with full grains and a delicate taste. The seeds of peas contain starch and oil, which can be used for medicinal purposes and have diuretic and antidiarrheal effects. Not only the seeds of peas but also the young pods and young seedlings of peas can be eaten. It is cool and hot weather and is a popular off-season vegetable. Pea has high nutritional value and is rich in lysine, which is not found in other foods. Lysine is an essential amino acid of the human body and an indispensable nutrient. It can not only promote human development and enhance immune function but also improve the function of central nervous tissue.

Pea Starch

Various processing methods and uses of peas

1. After fine processing of dried peas, the seed coat, cotyledon and germ of pea grains are separated and pulverized to obtain edible fiber powder, cotyledon powder and germ powder. Edible fiber powder can be used as an additive to edible fiber in bread or nutritious food to improve the bulkiness of food and promote human digestive function.
Cotyledon powder and germ powder are widely used in making baby food, healthy food and flavor food. They are both commonly used natural emulsifiers and lysine enhancers.

2. Dried peas can also be used to extract concentrated pea protein. Pea protein powder can be used as an enhancer for bread and other foods to increase its protein content and biological value. It can also be used to make vermicelli and pea seedlings. Processing of green peas and pods can be canned, dehydrated and quick-frozen. Among them, quick-frozen green peas and pod peas are legume vegetables commonly eaten in European and American countries, Southeast Asia, and Russia.

3. Dried peas can be ground into flour and mixed with cereal crops to make food; it can also be processed into vermicelli and vermicelli to make pea yellow and pea cake; it can also extract protein, starch, edible fiber and other nutritional ingredients, respectively Use it, pea starch can be fried crispy meat, can also be used to make jelly. Green peas, dutch beans, and sweet and crisp peas can be fried directly or stored frozen.

Processing Methods and Uses of Peas

Pea starch is a kind of all-around starch. It is rich in dietary fiber and can be used to regulate the stomach and intestines. It is a powder made from green peas after being dried and ground. It is a polysaccharide and nutrients in peas. Unlike the sweet potato, potato and other root crops, peas are small. To improve the purity and yield of pea starch, professional pea starch processing equipment is needed.

Pea Starch Processing Line

Basic process flow of pea starch machine:

1. Pick out the stone
The obtained dried peas are air sorted to remove stones and other impurities.

Most of the market uses file mills and centrifugal sieves to complete the initial extraction and filtration of starch. If a special curved screen extrusion type powder mill is used, multiple peas can be squeezed, crushed and filtered to extract high-concentration starch slurry with low water content. To facilitate subsequent processing. The starch pulp has a high water content, and the dehydration treatment improves the clarity of the starch. The final drying step quickly removes the moisture from the wet material to achieve instant drying, and then the finished product is bagged.

2. Soak
Soak the peas for at least three hours to fully extract the starch during subsequent processing.

3. Crushing and grinding, preliminary extraction of starch

Most markets use files and centrifugal screens to complete the initial extraction and filtration of starch. A special curved screen squeezing crusher can be used to squeeze, crush and filter many pea grains to extract starch slurry with high concentration and low moisture. In order to facilitate subsequent processing.

4. Filter and purify, remove sand and mud to ensure taste and quality
A variety of equipment such as fine filtration and micro filtration are used to separate the fine fibers and starch in starch slurry; used for starch purification to remove fine impurities and precipitates in starch.

5. Concentrated and refined to improve the whiteness of starch
The further separation of non-starch materials can independently complete the separation, washing and concentration of starch, modified starch, fermentation and chemical industries.

6. Dehydration and drying
Starch slurry has high water content, and dehydration treatment improves the clarity of starch. The final drying step is to quickly remove the moisture in the wet material, achieve rapid drying, and then bag the finished product.

Pea Starch Processing Machine

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