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How Much is a Set of Practical Tapioca Starch Production Line?

How Much is a Set of Practical Tapioca Starch Production Line?

For the simple cassava starch processing line, the equipment is only auxiliary processing, and the subsequent precipitation, dehydration, and drying steps do not use equipment, but require manual operation. The whole line is equipped with low equipment configuration, low output and low investment. According to different processing requirements, a simple cassava starch production line can be equipped with basically less than 100,000 US dollars. The most obvious difference between a set of practical tapioca starch equipment and a simple production line is that it is equipped with dehydration and drying equipment, eliminating the need for manual powder drying and drying processes, liberating manpower, and significantly improving the degree of automation. Of course, the price is also higher than that of the simple type. The starch production line is higher (depending on the processing volume and configuration).
practical tapioca starch production line
Applicable objects of practical cassava starch equipment
In addition to processing tapioca starch, the practical tapioca starch production line is also suitable for small and medium-sized starch processing customers using potato, cassava, kudzu root, plantain taro, etc. as raw materials. Products mostly exist in the form of dry starch. Only use traditional methods for natural precipitation in the precipitation process, and use professional starch processing equipment to operate the remaining sections.

Processing characteristics of practical cassava starch machine
The overall investment of a practical cassava starch production line is slightly higher, and the price ranges from hundreds of thousands of yuan according to the number of equipment configurations. Low energy consumption, large output, dehydration and drying use mechanical operation, saving production time, the quality of starch is better.

Equipment required for practical processing methods
The practical starch production line can be flexibly matched according to different capital and processing capacity. The main equipment is as follows:
Washing machine (screw-type washing machine, inclined squirrel-cage washing machine, stone-removing washing machine, paddle-type washing machine)-pulverizer (overflow washing type powder milling machine, curved net extrusion type powder milling machine)-filtration Machine (fine filter, desander)-sedimentation tank-vacuum dehydrator-dryer

Main technical parameters of practical type (determined according to personal processing volume)
A. Processing capacity: 2-8 tons/hour
B. Water consumption: 6-12m³/h, used for starch washing in raw material washing machine
C. Labor: 3-7 people
D. Electricity demand: 380 volts, 3 phases, 50 Hz, maximum voltage fluctuation 6%, maximum frequency fluctuation 4%
E. Site requirements: this production line equipment covers an area of about 110-200 square meters
practical tapioca starch production line

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