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Why Do Professional Starch Factories Prefer to Use Fully Automatic Cassava Starch Processing Equipment?

Why Do Professional Starch Factories Prefer to Use Fully Automatic Cassava Starch Processing Equipment?

Cassava starch processing has become very mature today, whether it is processing methods, extraction processes, or powder yield. The production process has become more and more standardized and simplified, and a basic set of equipment is sufficient for processing no matter how many raw materials there are.

No longer relying on external factors such as weather and craftsmanship, both the yield and quality of starch have made qualitative leaps.

More and more formal starch factories are willing to use fully automatic starch equipment for production operations. Do you know why?

The scientifically configured and convenient operation of fully automatic cassava starch processing

Large starch factories require high equipment requirements for cassava starch processing due to high overall investment and production demands for both high yield and quality.

The fully automatic equipment adopts a scientifically reasonable configuration, orderly connecting each production link from cleaning, crushing to finished drying, with a standard mechanical production process, efficient circulation, and rapid production of qualified dry starch.

Cassava starch processing can adapt to a variety of raw materials, satisfying diversified processing

Fully automatic starch equipment has a high overall configuration and strong adaptability, and can process various types of products, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, cassava, kudzu root, banana yam, peas, lotus roots, etc.

The complete assembly line processing of cassava starch processing yields higher extraction rates

Traditional starch processing has relatively rough cleaning, crushing, and filtering of raw materials, with high waste rate and low utilization rate, which is also an important reason for low powder yield.

Automated starch equipment has intelligent control, multiple cleaning and crushing methods, high starch release rate, high powder extraction rate, and higher starch production yield.

The modern process of cassava starch processing results in better starch quality

Fully automatic starch equipment uses pure mechanical methods with less manual operation. Raw materials flow quickly inside the machine, with short contact with air and less susceptibility to oxidation.

Stainless steel material is easy to clean and maintain, which is also conducive to starch extraction and processing.

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