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Process Flow and Configuration Analysis of Starch Processing Equipment of Different Specifications

Process Flow and Configuration Analysis of Starch Processing Equipment of Different Specifications

The mechanized processing technology of potato starch is relatively complex. According to different raw materials, different starch quality and different investment conditions, the planned cassava starch processing process and equipment configuration are quite different.

The basic process is: raw material pretreatment - conveying and cleaning - crushing - separation of pulp and slag - filtration and impurity removal - sand removal and purification - concentration and refining - dehydration - drying - weighing and packaging - storage.

The processing and configuration plan of starch, like the deep processing of other agricultural and sideline products, must be determined according to the characteristics of the processing raw materials, such as sweet potatoes, cassava, potatoes, kudzu and other plant characteristics and starch properties are different, the configuration of cassava starch processing equipment will be adjusted accordingly.

However, it is necessary to ensure the effective separation of materials and impurities, ensure the quality of starch products, extract starch with high yield and high quality, and reduce production costs. These are also the basic principles of starch processing.

1. Acquisition, collection and preliminary cleaning of raw materials for cassava starch processing

In this processing link, the collection, sorting and impurity removal of raw materials should be completed, and the vines, leaves, branches, rocks and mounds in the raw materials should be initially cleaned up, which can be washed with water or processed manually.

2. Material conveying system for cassava starch processing

The system includes the transmission of raw materials and the transportation of slurry and starch, and also exists in many subsequent processing links. The conveying forms are divided into bucket type, belt type, rack belt type, auger type, pump tube type, etc. The material is sent into the cleaning system to complete automatic cleaning, etc. The pump tube conveying mainly completes the transmission of starch slurry.

3. Multi-stage cleaning system for cassava starch processing raw materials

Raw material cleaning equipment has a variety of cleaning methods, which are roughly divided into drum type, inclined squirrel cage type, stone removal machine and so on.

4. Raw material crushing system for cassava starch processing

Raw material crushing has hammer type, saw blade type, curved mesh extrusion type, overflow elutriation type, file grinding type and so on. The pulverization process is particularly critical, which directly affects the starch extraction rate. It is recommended to use a new type of high-configuration pulverizer.

5. Screening, filtration, purification and impurity removal system for tapioca starch processing

This link is all to purify and purify starch, separate and discharge starch granules and non-starch substances. Purification filters with various process forms can effectively filter out impurities such as potato residue and fine sediment particles; the cyclone station belongs to a fine separation system, which is also to remove oil powder, yellow powder and pectin in starch slurry to ensure the purity of starch.

6. Dehydration and drying system for tapioca starch processing

It is an important link in the processing of tapioca starch. The dehydrator is divided into centrifugal type and scraper type. The dehydrated starch is transported by the conveyor belt into the special starch dryer for rapid drying. The moisture content of the finished product is about 13%. Then automatically weigh the packaging and put it into storage.

The production and processing process of starch has basically achieved mechanical automation without excessive manual intervention. This cassava starch processing mode has been widely promoted and applied in the industry.

However, different users have different requirements for details such as investment and plant conditions. Goodway can also design and plan various application scales such as simple production lines and practical starch lines as needed.

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