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Classification of Overflow Elutriation Crusher

Classification of Overflow Elutriation Crusher

At present, due to the continuous updating of technology, the types of crushers are also increasing. Some crushers are used in the primary crushing of stone, while others are used in the secondary crushing. Different crushers have different uses. Only when the crusher equipment is used correctly can the production efficiency be doubled. The following will introduce the types of crushers you often see.

For the initial breakage of materials, which is often called primary breakage, the crusher equipment used is relatively small. Jaw crusher is one of the most commonly used primary crushing equipment in mining industry.

Jaw crusher is used for crushing any ore and bulk material with medium particle size whose compressive strength does not exceed 320Mpa. It is a crushing equipment in industrial crushing production line, sand production line and grinding production line.

For secondary crushing of materials, more crushers can be used, such as impact crusher, cone crusher, etc.

Counter-impact crusher is a kind of high-efficiency crusher equipment, which uses the impact to carry out secondary crushing of materials. In the production design, the impact crusher adopts advanced manufacturing technology, which can be used to crush all kinds of coarse, medium and fine materials whose feed size is not more than 500 mm and compressive strength is not more than 350 MPa. In actual production, the impact crusher is often used in building materials, ore crushing, railway, highway, energy, transportation, energy, cement, mining, chemical industry and other industries for medium and fine crushing materials.

Cone crusher is also one of the two-stage crushers, because it has the advantages of reasonable structure, stable performance, easy operation, good wear resistance, low failure rate, long service life and so on. Cone crusher is often used in cement, chemical industry, construction, road construction, various minerals, energy and other fields, for various materials of medium and fine crushing.

In addition, mobile crushing station, because the crushing equipment on its device can be properly replaced and assembled according to the actual needs of users, and furthermore, vehicle-mounted mobile also eliminates the obstacles brought by crushing site and environment to customers crushing operation, so once it comes out, it has been unanimously favored by the majority of users.

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