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How to Purchase and Select Fresh Potatoes for Starch Processing?

How to Purchase and Select Fresh Potatoes for Starch Processing?

For cassava starch processing, fresh potatoes with high starch content should be selected. When purchasing potato products, the following points should be paid attention to:

1. Choose healthy potato chips

Diseased tubers are not suitable as raw materials for starch processing, and will infect other tubers during storage. When potatoes are on the market, fresh potatoes with no damage, no insect spots, no mildew, and no freeze damage should be purchased.

2. Cassava starch processing should choose potato pieces with similar size and shape

Potatoes have a small specific gravity, which means more sugar, water and soluble substances, and a larger specific gravity, which means more starch. Therefore, potatoes with the same size and shape and heavier weight should be selected for starch production.

3. Avoid buying potatoes after storage

Starch is continuously converted to sugar during storage of post-harvest potato cubes. Respiration makes some of the sugars combine with oxygen to generate carbon dioxide and water, and release heat for loss; the other part of the sugars is accumulated in the potato pieces. When buying, try to avoid buying potatoes that have been stored in a cellar. Potatoes after acquisition should be processed as soon as possible.

4. White-skinned and yellow-skinned potatoes are selected for cassava starch processing

The starch produced by white-skinned and yellow-skinned potato varieties is often better than the starch produced by sweet-skinned potatoes, with better viscosity and higher yield.

The starch content of potatoes can be checked by observation. Break off the sweet potato, if the cross-section has a lot of white pulp and is wet, the starch content of the checked sweet potato is high; otherwise, it is low.

We will share here about the acquisition and selection of fresh potatoes for cassava starch processing. If you are a novice investing in potato starch processing, you have to worry more about the selection of starch processing equipment and choose the potato starch processing equipment that suits you.

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